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Pizza Scramble!

Pizza Scramble

Your typical egg scramble + pizza essence

Pizza Scramble!

So this weekend, we made delicious french bread pizzas.  Why were they extra delicious?  We used frozen garlic bread, mmmmmm.  But anyway, we had extra topping left over (Fiance always chops up bunches more than we need for french bread pizzas), so we packed them into a container to use for omelets or something during the week.

And then of course were out of eggs until today.  Sigh.  But is okay!  Cuz yesterday I mentioned that my breakfast was 15 pepperonis (was out of like everything), and Fiance said I should put pepperonis in my eggs.  Genius!  So today, I cooked up some eggs and dumped in some of the toppings we chopped over the weekend (still have more, he chopped a bunch :D), tossed in about 7 pepperonis, and cooked until they were nice and tasty.  Then topped with a bit of tomato sauce (my favorite is tomato basil) and pizza cheese.  Voila, pizza scramble!



Pizza + Spaghetti = Pizzaghetti!!


1 box pasta

1 jar pasta sauce

Various pizza toppings (I used 2 small onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 green pepper, and 1 package of pepperoni minus what we snacked on while waiting)

First, boil water:

Water Boiling

While you’re waiting for the water to boil, heat your skillet.  When it gets hot, add a little oil. Then, toss in your onions:

Sauteing onions

Once your water is boiling, add in the pasta:

Turning back to the onions, once they’ve sauteed a bit, add in the garlic:

Saute.  Then add green peppers:

Saute.  Finally, add in your pepperoni so all the flavors can mix together:

Saute.  After you pasta finishes cooking, drain.  Then toss into the pot your noodles, the pasta sauce, and sauteed toppings:

Now, mix together really well.  Try to get the pepperonis to be spread out evenly, though that’s fairly difficult to achieve:

Now, plop on a plate and top with cheese.  Serve and omnomnom!